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Hello Listener,


I have a message for people who want to change the world to good. Also a message for those looking for G-d. His existence is in our faces every day. 

I have been a believer ever since I was a child, that this world is not by chance but by a powerful Designer with unlimited power. I am moved to try and help people get their eyes on the rainbow! 

Why not just look at the rainbow, and understand what it means to all the world? The rainbow has a purpose. It serves as G-d's eternal sign of the covenant He made with everyone in the world, after the great Flood.

The darkness in this world is so staggering, that I can feel its heaviness. I can see the ugliness that brings it on. Very few can see this. Societies accept or tolerate it, and even encourage it as something good or helpful. 

I want to help the listener to understand that just because societies may accept or tolerate certain things, doesn't mean it is acceptable. In fact, some of those things are physically and spiritually dangerous to people and societies. I'm just a voice trying to point others in the right direction. 

Most cultures have lost a lot of their prehistory because of they didn't repent and turn around. The Flood, wars, and other horrible experiences have left people scratching heads wondering where their origins are. Science tries to explain ... but it can't reliably go back in time before written history.


But look around my friend, it's obvious. There is a G-d. He is slow to anger, kind, and so much more. And no, there will never be another global flood again. But we will always have our part in upholding the Rainbow Covenant, which is our obligation to make the world a better place by keeping the Seven Laws of Noah.

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