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Why G-d Is Spelled Without "O"?

Why don't we write G-d's name out entirely? It is prohibited to erase any of His holy Names in Hebrew when they are written down, such as being written or printed on paper. So if printed copies are made that include any of those holy Names, they should not be thrown away. Doing so would violate an extension of the universal prohibition against blasphemy (cursing a Name of G-d). If a dash or other mark is put into the letters of a Name of G-d when it's written down, that separates the letters so it doesn't have the holiness of the written Name, and it's then permitted to erase it or thrown it away. Although taking this care doesn't apply to digital words on a computer screen, since they are not a permanent type of writing, there is nevertheless a chance that someone will print out a web page on paper, which is likely to be thrown away or destroyed. So it is good to apply the same rule for digital writing if it might get printed out.


To show extra respect, we try to take the same care with translations of His names that are written down in any other languages. That is why His name "G-d" is not fully written here. This is an example of why it is important to study the 7 commandments that were given by G-d to Noah for all his descendants after the great Flood, and the subsequent details of those commandments that were revealed by G-d in the Torah, through Moses.

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