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by PenMe

Awesome G-d, the One and true, the Creator of Everything! Designer and author of all life! The Master of the universe controls the weather and all the planets, stars, the blackholes, everything! The rain, the snow, hail, sleet, the thunder, the lightning, the crash of the sea and turbulance in the skies, seasons. All do His bidding. They don't act on their own. Not even a leaf falling determines its destination ... for He controls it all!

The weather doesn't determine its actions. The planets move under the direction of the Creator, the rain and snow falls because He wills  it! And weather is in His mighty hands. People should repent and give honor and praise to Him. The sun blazes and it heats the earth. G-d makes the valleys and forests grow green and He also feeds all things! He sends the cold and ice as he sees fit. All life depends on Him. Spiritual and physical worlds G-d created. G-d makes the hot earth flow, and the earth to shake, the tornadoes to wreak havoc, the hurricanes, tsunami sweep the lands, the winds uproot and the land to flood. Who dares complaine against His ruling!

He is the Judge of the earth, the King of all creation. Who dares question His authority! People rant and rave about the climate, but He alone controls it all! Who dares complain and tell untruths about the earth, for He alone is the Authority.

Nothing designs or creates itself; the cycle of life is determined by Him alone. All animals and creeping things --All the creatures of the deep, according to their kind, remain according their kind, regardless of those who speak fake science. The miracle of life is in His power. Who dares to alter and change truth.

The laws and physics did not introduce themselves, everything is because He wills it. Truth prevails because G-d wills it. Do people really think they're in control.

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